Sunday, September 8, 2013

Donors to the Fundraiser

A very big thank you to all the donors to the fundraiser to date.  Over $1100 raised for Vascular Cures so far.  That's fantastic!  Here is a list of those donors, in no particular order:

Carolyn Regan
Mary Konopka
Kristopher Forsyth
Julie M. Hopkinson
Richard Kauffman
Ian T Moore
Tracy Stoll
Renee J. Ogden
Rich Kauffman
Hannah Remtema
Sandra K Lerman
Laura Lerman
Amy L Lerman
Dorothy Lerman
Charles Doll
Ann Sedman
Kristyn Biondo
Eric Fallows
Sheldon Lerman
Peggy A. Fallows
Louise Kauffman
Michael Lerman
Melissa Jean
Neil Kauffman
Pat Kauffman

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