Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Supporting Cast

Thank you to all who have helped me reach my goal of running across Michigan:

My father who drove me to Sault Ste Marie, and made sure I never ran too fast while he crewed for me 8 days  (as well as being at nearly every one of my important races over the last 35 years)

My mother who crewed for me 3 days and created "Sheldon the Running Gnome" which mirrored my route across Michigan

My brother Richard, who secured my newspaper interview, checked in with me everyday of my run by phone, and brought Sandra, Emily and Ben to see me finish

My brother Mike, who drove out to see me three times during my run (once with Laura) ran with me twice, and created the website in addition to the graphics, signs, and business cards

My sister Amy, who gave me moral support and drove to Indiana to see me finish

My daughter Jennifer, who updated the facebook page and the blog on a daily basis, drove out to see me on my run and brought Eric, Bailey, Bryce and Mackenzie to cheer me on at the finish

My daughter Melissa who drove out to see me on my run to give me support

My son Zachary, the very important navigator, who tweaked the running route when necessary, supplied me with energy drinks when necessary, and took care of a hundred other things for me during the 8 days he crewed for me

All the friends and family who cheered me on through facebook and all who gave generously to my fundraiser

All of Ms Lerman's classes who put together a terrific motivational video

And of course, my wife Laura, who crewed for me 7 days, two of them single-handedly, but more importantly has supported my running for the last 14 years. She is my massage therapist, nutritionist, yoga instructor, coach, best friend and companion. Who before she became a runner herself would ride her bike with me as I ran, sometimes as much as 20 miles, sometimes in the pouring rain. Who went from not being able to run halfway around a quarter mile track with me when we first met, to completing a 50 kilometer run last year.  Who runs with me when she can and is understanding when I'm gone for 6 hours running a 30 mile training run. Who has been my support crew for every race over the last 14 years. And who I now will get to spend more time with, starting with our 13th anniversary today.

My Crew

Thanks to my crew, all I had to do was run one mile to the next, and they took care of everything else.

Donations along the run

A big thanks to Janet, a rural carrier we met along the way who made a donation.

And a very big thank you to Larry from Coldwater who let us stop on his property to take a break and also made a generous donation.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Day 10

35 miles done! Day 10 is done!

366 miles total!

Picking up the stake for the last time.

Running against the wind.

Part of my crew arrives.

Larry from Coldwater gives a generous donation.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Day 8

Day 8 is now complete.  35 miles into the wind.  

Sheldon found a hurt hummingbird.

Sheldon received this message from Ms. Lerman's students: